Colourful Snowflakes Washi Tape

Sale price$3.50 AUD


Really cute rolls of washi tapes, available in a range of gorgeous patterns and prints that will brighten up your craft projects.

Utilising the characteristics of Japanese rice paper, each washi tape roll is easily torn by fingers, and just as easy to remove and relocate on your project without leaving a sticky residue.

Washi Tapes are perfect for decorating your pantry jars, planner, cards, scrapbooks, gift wrapping, sealing envelopes, decorating scented candles, and even attaching bills to the fridge!

Size: 15mm x 10m

Material: Made of high-quality rice paper; strong and durable, but easy to tear with fingers; reusable, biodegradable, tree free and made from highly renewable resources

Eco Features: Biodegradable


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