Mildliner - Funwari Lettering Set 12/Pkg

Sale price$33.00 AUD


A special lettering set featuring 12 Zebra pen favourites! Create beautiful hand lettering artwork, or use to add some colour to your planners, calendars, notes, journals, and more.

Includes 6 Zebra Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighters and 6 Zebra Funwari Super Fine Brush Pens.

Mildliner Highlighters use softly-coloured ink and feature 2 types of tips- a slanted chisel on one end, and a fine bullet point on the other.
Mildliner colours included in this set:Red, Green, Violet, Orange, Pink, and Blue Green.

Zebra Funwari Brush Pens have an easy-to-control super fine tip, perfect for beginners. Ink is blendable for making watercolour effects.
Funwari colours included in this set: Red, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, and Golden Yellow.

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